e anthony santos

united way of ri

Project Title: United Way of RI

Description: The United Way of Rhode Island hired DiamondStar Media to create a  fundraising video for their ‘211’ campaign; a program that connects connect people in need with housing, food, and affordable childcare, I worked with DiamondStar Media to co-write the script, and as an editor and motion graphic designer in post-production.

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition


First, we met with the marketing team at United Way to listen to their ideas and wishes. We reviewed videos from the previous two campaigns to learn more about the style they desired as well as the changes and updates for this year’s campaign. In later meetings, we presented our storyboard to the marketing director and CEO.

Design Challenge:

We wanted to create something that was expressive of Rhode Island with both iconic scenes and geography or our state as well as showcasing our diversity. The video would be shown at fundraising events as well as on the United Way’s website.


We scouted numerous locations and hired a casting agency for our actors. In addition, we identified several local non-professionals to be showcased in the video. Once our storyboard was approved, we developed a script and hired a narrator. Over a period of three weeks, we shot the footage and recorded an interview with the CEO. Post-production began and the final product was delivered within a total of 8 weeks.


The final product was well-received by the CEO, marketing director, and United Way team. It was shown at fundraising event, their website, and YouTube channel. The client’s feedback was extremely positive. They felt it possessed an optimistic mood, an engaging style, and an authentic Rhode Island spirit.