e anthony santos

saint catherine's monastery

Current Project: Saint Catherine's Monastery

Description: Saint Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest Christian working monastery in the world. Based at the base of Mount Sinai, the monastery is an important location for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I was hired to visit the monastery to photograph, video, and create a website for a film sponsored by private donors.

Software: Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe Photshop, Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress


Working with the project lead, I traveled to the monastery, a location 8 hours east of Cairo in the Sinai Peninsula. Living in the monastery for 2 weeks, I lived, ate, and prayed with the monks. It was important to gain the trust of the monks by practicing patience and showing respect for this holy site. I interviewed several monks to learn the history, purpose, and hopeful future of the monastery. Photographing and filming the monastery was practiced with tact and transparency.

Design Challenge:

I was hired to create a website that would be used to communicate the purpose of the film project. The website would be shown to potential donors who were sought through both private and public channels.


Using the information and digital content obtained from the trip, I returned to the United States to create the website. Using Adobe Illustrator, I designed various graphics. Adobe Photoshop was used to optimize the photographs. I used Adobe XD to create wireframes, hi-fidelity mockups, and a working prototype for my client. Drupal will be used to generate the live website.


The final website is nearing the development phase. Delivery is expected in December 2023.