e anthony santos

united way

united way of ri Project Title: United Way of RI Description: The United Way of Rhode Island hired DiamondStar Media to create a  fundraising video for their ‘211’ campaign; a program that connects connect people in need with housing, food, and affordable childcare, I worked with DiamondStar Media to co-write the script, and as an […]


unido Project Title: Unido Description: Working with UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), I developed a series of learning materials about LMEs (Large Marine Ecosystems). The content would be presented to scientists at conferences to communicate the importance of this ecosystems, the challenges these ecosystems face, and the UNIDO programs designed to improve these ecosystems. […]

saint catherine’s monastery

saint catherine’s monastery Current Project: Saint Catherine’s Monastery Description: Saint Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest Christian working monastery in the world. Based at the base of Mount Sinai, the monastery is an important location for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I was hired to visit the monastery to photograph, video, and create a website for a film […]