e anthony santos


Project Title: Unido

Description: Working with UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), I developed a series of learning materials about LMEs (Large Marine Ecosystems). The content would be presented to scientists at conferences to communicate the importance of this ecosystems, the challenges these ecosystems face, and the UNIDO programs designed to improve these ecosystems. I generate a series of print, web, and video materials for UNIDO over the course of a year. I traveled to Vienna, Austria to interview UNIDO scientists and staff, and then to Accra, Ghana to document a specific project on the Gulf of Guinea LME.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, WordPress, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects


First, I met with NOAA’s (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) lead scientist on LME’s, Dr. Kenneth Sherman. Dr. Sherman would serve as my main advisor on the content creation and editor. Secondly, I met with Al Duda of GEF, the Global Environmental Fund), an organization that provided financial backing for the Gulf of Guinea LME. Next, I visited UNIDO’s Director General, Kandeh Yumkella to learn more about the project’s goals and current progress. I spent 2 weeks in Accra, Ghana, meeting, interviewing, learning, and filming the scientists and local fishermen who worked in the Gulf of Guinea.

Design Challenge:

Dr. Kenneth Sherman requested a short video, approximately 20 minutes in length. In addition, he contracted me to create supportive print materials and website. This content would be presented to scientists at environmental conferences.


Over a period of 6 months, Dr. Sherman and I reviewed the information, created a storyboard and script, and generated the video. Several cuts were reviewed by Dr. Sherman, and NOAA and UNIDO scientists. Once the final cut was approved, I created a companion booklet and website.


The products were delivered on time and on budget. The video and print materials were viewed at conferences in the United States, Austria, Egypt, and China. The scientists and administrators at both UNIDO and NOAA were very satisfied with product.

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